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Music business services for the independent musician

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TAC Music Management is an independent artist management & development service located in Englewood, CO.  We assist musicians in any stage of their career develop a plan to reach their goals.  Social media marketing, blogs, indie radio, touring are all crucial to an artists success and  almost impossible  to do alone. Our services, which include artist development & management, branding, marketing and promotion to radio and blogs can help lighten your load.  


Personalized Attention

  Musicians need time to work on their craft, and booking, promoting and self managing are very time consuming.   It is however, crucial to understand the business side of the music industry to further your career and you need someone on your team that you can trust to outline steps and develop a plan catered to your specific goals.  We want to focus attention on you, therefore we only work with a few artists at a time so each gets the attention they need to build a plan and work towards their ideal career path.  



TAC Music Management understands that the music industry is rapidly changing.   We work together to come up with a monthly fee that fits you budget based on the services you need.  

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