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  Musicians need time to work on their craft, and booking, promoting and self managing are very time consuming.   It is however, crucial to understand the business side of the music industry to further your career and you need someone on your team that you can trust to outline steps and develop a plan catered to your specific goals.  We want to focus attention on you, therefore we only work with a few artists at a time so each gets the attention they need to build a plan and work towards their ideal career path.  


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We don't believe in tying any artist down to a long-term contract, therefore we offer all services on an as needed basis so you can retain your independence but free up some time to create.

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Tracey Chirhart is an independent artist manager and owner of TAC Music Management & SGNB Records, a music business service that aids musicians in management, marketing, promotion, touring and label services.  Tracey  believes in building long-term, trustworthy and effective relationships with artists and other music businesses to help artists reach their career goals. This focus on open communication and teamwork allows the creators to create with confidence, knowing they have a competent team behind them that can handle the business aspects of a music career. 

Tracey’s background in the music industry started with a job in a local record store, an internship at Polydor/Atlas Records and as a metal show DJ at her college radio station.  She also worked for Capitol Records and was a marketing manager for a New Age record label.   When job cuts hit the music industry in the late 90’s, Tracey worked as a flight attendant for several years before returning to the music business in 2007 as an independent booking agent.   A few years later she formed TAC Music Management and added more services catering to the needs of independent musicians where she remains today as a proud member of the Colorado music scene.